Got A Tattoo? Here Are Some Tips On How To Take Care Of It!


Getting inked requires a lot of patience as well as maintenance before and after the process. There is no point in freaking out, you should rather be well aware of the measures that are needed to be taken soon after getting the tattoo. These steps are to ensure that the new ink is healing quickly, avoiding any infection, fading or similar issues.

Whether or not you are getting inked for the first time, the hacks given below would help in the proper healing of the tattoo.

#1 Don’t Re-Bandage It: After removing the initial bandage from the tattoo, do not cover it again. You can remove the bandage few hours after the process and let the skin breathe. Wrapping it up again might slow down the healing process.

#2 Clean With Lukewarm Water: The last thing you would want to damage your tattoo is hot water! Always clean them with lukewarm water so that it helps in gentle healing without irritating the skin.

#3 Get The Right Ointment: It is important to apply an ointment as advised by many tattoo artists. This would dodge the emergence of any infection.

#4 Use A Non-Scented Lotion: After few days you can switch to a non-scented lotion from the ointment. The fragrances in a scented cream/lotion might react on the skin, thereby slowing down the tattoo healing time.

#5 Never Scratch The Skin: This is going to be really hard to resist the urge to scratch as the skin tends to get itchy. Itching indicates that your tattoo is healing, and the scab will eventually come off sooner!

#6 Don’t Peel The Dead Skin: You can never rush with the healing process. Let the skin heal itself and scab to come out on its own. Peeling the skin might hurt the skin giving an infection.

#7 Apply Sunscreen On It: After the tattoo is completely healed, cover it with sunscreen to not let the ink fade away

Getting your dream tattoo inked is a task and be proud to have successfully accomplished it! Follow these mandatory steps to not let it fade away before time.