How To Lose Weight After Hitting 40?

With aging many things change for better! You are a wiser person, you gain a sense of what you are, you possess deeper empathy for people, but things hardly change when it comes to losing weight after 40. You get stuck with a bigger pant size.

Your metabolism becomes slow as you age, and a slower metabolism could lead you to lose lesser calories per day than you did in your 20s.

What Should You Do, Then?

  • One golden rule of weight loss is that you need to eat less. You need to cut down your portion size. It doesn’t matter if you just eat boiled vegetables, brown rice and grilled chicken. You need to cut down the number of calories you consume each day. A woman eating 2000 calories in a day should aim to cut it down to 1000 calories.
  • Try not to skip any meals. If you skip any meals, your metabolism will suffer. Missing meals will also increase the chances of your blood sugar hitting the lowest of lows, leaving your ravenous for a quick energy fix and leading you to consume those sugary carbs.
  • Aim to lose around 1-2 pounds each week. When it comes to weight loss, a slow and steady approach works better than those drop-a-dress-size-in-a-week plans! This slow but consistent approach is more sustainable and will give you more long- term benefits.
  • Be choosy when it comes to those tempting treats. Sadly, you cannot binge on those fries and fajitas just the way you did in your 20s. Though you can still enjoy your favorite foods but keep an eye on what is going in your system.
  • Try to move more than before. You cannot lose weight in your 40s by just dieting. You can begin with at least a 30-minute workout and eventually increase your time. You can do some resistance -training exercises which will help you burn more.
  • Be honest with yourself. Being over 40 and wanting to become lean doesn’t any which way indicates that you stop eating your favorite foods to become or stay slim, except when you are aware deep down that a food is truly getting in the way of your weight loss goals. If having a wafer leads to eating an entire bag of wafers then, having a wafer doesn’t work for you. If certain foods tend to open the floodgates for you despite trying then it might be better to stay away from them completely and stick with mild treats which do not trigger binge eating.
  • You can choose some weight loss pills which can help you in the process. An effective weight loss supplements these days is NutraLite Body Cleanse. It is a dietary supplement made from natural derivatives which helps you cleanse your digestive tract and kickstart your metabolism to aid your weight reduction process.

Final Verdict

Though weight loss after a certain age is difficult but not impossible. Use these tricks to your benefit and do not get disheartened if you do not achieve desired results quickly. Remember that everyone has a certain body type.